A documentary of ERI Enabling Rural Innovation approach of Horizont3000 about strengthening collective marketing among farming groups in East Africa to improve the value addition cycle. By HORIZONT3000 in 2017.


The ERI Enabling Rural Innovation project of Horizont3000 is training farmer groups in joint action to strengthen collaboration in rural communities and gender equality. A video documentary with 3 best practices of successful joint action. By HORIZONT3000 in 2017.


A video about ERI – Enabling Rural Innovation initiative which gives training to small scale farmers in natural resource management for better value addition. A HORIZONT3000 project in East Africa.



An introduction to ERI. By HORIZONT3000 in 2013.


Trias improves theĀ banana value chain through ERI (referred to as Participatory Agro-Enterprise Development).


MADFA staff member explains one of the visual aids that is used during ERI training.


Ugandan farmer explains what he has learned during ERI training.