Trias ESOEP Programme

Enabling Synergies between Organized Enterprising People (ESOEP) is a Trias programme that boosts inclusive and sustainable self-development. The partners of this programme are 2 service delivery organizations and 10 member based organizations (6 family farmers MBOs, 3 microfinance MBOs and 1 small scale entrepreneur MBO).

The programme uses a wide variety of approaches and activities in order to strengthen the partners’ capacities, such as the Leadership Trajectory, the Farmers Advocacy Consultation Tool, and ERI. With its experience from past ERI programs, Trias will use the ERI approach to empower semi-subsistence farmers (especially youth, poor and women) to become strong, market oriented farmers.

Key results:

Result 1: The active participation of empowered poor, women and youth has improved, the MBOs function in a democratic and open way and act towards a more inclusive society.

Result 2: The MBOs have effectively improved their internal organization and organizational sustainability.

Result 3: The MBOs and their strategic public and private partners facilitate integrated quality services to ensure better participation in markets, especially of poor people, women and young people.

Result 4: The MBOs join in coordination, dialogue and collaboration with other actors towards a more inclusive global society.

ESOEP is implemented from January 2014 to December 2016.

The ESOEP partners:

  • ARUDIFA, Arua District Farmers’ Association
  • ZODFA, Zombo District Farmers’ Association
  • HODFA, Hoima District Farmers’ Association
  • MADFA, Masindi District Farmers’ Association
  • MADFA SACCO, MADFA Savings and Credit Cooperative
  • Nyaravur SACCO, Savings and Credit Cooperative
  • Offaka SACCO; Savings and Credit Cooperative
  • HOFOKAM, Hoima Fort Portal Kasese Microfinance
  • TUNADO, The Uganda National Apiculture Development Organization
  • USSIA, Uganda Small Scale Industries Association
  • UNFFE, Uganda National Farmers Federation

This programme is funded by