The ERI Farmer Facilitator Manual – ERI Farmer Facilitator Manual


Loan Usage and Cash Flow Management Case Study in Trias Uganda Programme by Association of Microfinance Institutions of Uganda (note that in this study ERI is referred to as PAED – Participatory Agro-Enterprise Development)

Learning achievements of farmers during the transition to market-oriented organic agriculture in rural Uganda by Michael Hauser et al, Centre for Development Research

Assessment of the ERI approach: Case studies from Malawi and Uganda by Susan Kaaria et al, CIAT

ERI in Africa: An Approach for Empowering Smallholder Farmers to Access Market Opportunities for Improved Livelihoods by Susan Karia et al, CIAT

ERI in Africa: An approach for integrating farmer participatory research and market orientation for building the assets of rural poor by P. C. Sanginga et al, CIAT


Unleashing the potential of family farming by Thomas Pircher (HORIZONT3000) and Amos Owamani (HORIZONT3000); published in Rural21

Turning market-oriented organic agriculture upside down by Michael Hauser (BOKU) and Robert Delve (CIAT)

In ERI there are no handouts by Lilo Massing, HORIZONT3000

Linkage between District Farmers Associations and Microfinance Institutions by Jared Mugisa and Januario Ntungwa, Trias (Article published in The Independent 2013)

Putting farmers in the drivers’ seat by Richard Nsamba and Peter Van Erum, Trias (Article published in The Independent 2013)

Stories from the field – Experiences of farmers in the ERI East Africa Project by The Youth Association for Rural Development (YARD), June 2014

Youth farmers on their way to commercial farming in Uganda by Trias

Smallholder farmers in Hoima form a cooperative by Trias

ERI Manual launched by Trias

How a small group became a booming cooperative in Uganda by Trias

Group 1 Poster – Ecological Health

Group 2 Poster – Economic Health

Group 3 Poster – Social Health

Group 4 Poster – AESH and ERI


ERI brochure developed by HORIZONT3000

ERI brochure developed by Trias

GFRAS Global good practice note on ERI by HORIZONT3000 (posted 29/07/2015)


End evaluation Raising the food and income security of poor farmer households in Masindi by ACE Europe (note that in this evaluation ERI is referred to as PAED – Participatory Agro-Enterprise Development)

Evaluation of Trias DGD program 2011-2013 Uganda by Eutropia Ngido, MDF

Evaluation of the Community Agriculture Enterprise Development Programme in Hoima and Buliisa districts, Uganda 2010‐2012 by Marlèn Arkesteijn and Boniface Mugisa (note that in this evaluation ERI is referred to as PAED – Participatory Agro-Enterprise Development)