The ERI-East Africa Project of HORIZONT3000 is a unique effort to bring together five local partner organisations in Uganda and Tanzania to form a regional learning alliance for promoting farmer-driven innovation processes. Through learning and applying the same methodology, they have a common ground for effectively sharing and exchanging experiences across organisations and countries, and thus making a tangible difference to agricultural development in East Africa. Building the capacities of farmers to develop profitable enterprises, and of organizations to confidently implement ERI is at the core of this project.

Phase I

The project phase I is was being implemented in the period from March 2013 until December 2015

The specific objective were to empower 6.750 small scale farmers and their communities to enhance and balance their food sovereignty, income security, and sustainable natural resource management, through applying the Enabling Rural Innovation (ERI) approach.

Expected results:

  1. 270 farmer groups have been selected/formed, strengthened and are operational, actively sustaining an institutional network.
  2. 220 farmer groups develop and implement realistic action plans, using available resources and opportunities they have identified.
  3. 190 farmer groups analyse market opportunities and select profitable enterprises for collective marketing.
  4. 160 farmer groups conduct agronomic experiments for optimising their farming systems.
  5. 160 farmer groups have developed profitable enterprises and manage them in response to market demands.
  6. 160 farmer groups monitor and evaluate their performance on a regular basis and make necessary adjustments.
  7. 4.700 households apply sustainable natural resource management practices and have improved their health and nutrition status.
  8. Seven organisations and their staff  have acquired expertise in the ERI approach and form a regional learning alliance for sharing their experiences.

The ERI-EA project consortium:


The project is funded by 

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