Success Story: Adding Value to Soy

Nalukwago Jane is a rural woman earning money from the production of soy milk. She is 29 years old and a member of the Kigulu Farmers Group, where she also serves as a treasurer.

In 2016, the group started working with YARD, mainly concentrating on farming as a business. As a group, they chose soy bean as their enterprise and started selling grain to different buyers. One time, the group got a visitor from UGACOF who told them about soy milk production and its value addition.

In early 2017 YARD took the group to Namboole for the Harvest Money Expo organized by Vision Group where they learnt how to process pure milk from soy. Nalukwago says that from this Expo she learnt a lot about milk production from soy and she is now processing milk and selling to different places. In a week she is able to produce 40l which she sells in Mukono and within her community.  From 1 kg of soy grain she gets 6l and each litre of milk goes for 1000 UGX whereas 1 kg of grain goes for 2000 UGX.

From the sale of her milk, she has been able to contribute to her children’s school fees and take care of her relatives. She is also able to meet all her basic household needs. At the group level, apart from increasing income, the group members have been able to improve their nutrition as they can access milk on a daily basis from soy.