Success Story: The seeds that keep on giving

The Mukisa Farmers Group is located in Kalagala Village in Buikwe District. The women in the village came together and came up with different ideas on how to improve their household incomes but since they had no clear objectives, they all failed. In 2014 the group, that is 20 members strong, started working with YARD and received different agriculture trainings, including Farming as a Business. Utilizing their new knowledge, the group was able to come up with a constitution and registered at the District. They started growing fresh vegetables such as Nakati, Jjoobyo and Buga, which they sold to nearby communities.

In 2015, the group had an exposure visit to NARO where they learnt about different stages of seed management such as selection, storage, sorting and preservation. They continued to get training and technical backstopping from YARD, especially in Marketing, Market Intelligence, Value Addition and M&E. As a result the group came up with group- and individual objectives where each group member was to have 3 different vegetable gardens in addition to the group garden for seed multiplication.

In 2016 they started packing their seeds of Nakati, Buga and Jjoobyo in different sizes and the smallest sachet went for 1000 UGX.  The kg price ranges from 15,000- 20,000 UGX for Nakati, 20,000-25,000 UGX for Buga and 30,000 UGX for Entula. The group sells to small and big traders both packed and non packed seeds of different vegetables, but their biggest market linkage is with Simlaw Seed as well as nearby farmer groups working with YARD. The group continues to sell fresh vegetables as well, but on a small scale.

With that enterprise, they have realized many of their objectives such as improved household incomes, exposure, group cohesion because of a common enterprise, being able to pay school fees for their children, meeting basic household needs and networking. The group has also joined an association of vegetable seed producers located in Nkokonjeru which has helped them with packaging materials and market access.