Success Story: Earning a living and saving the environment

20 year old Kyofuna Miriam is a member of Tulibumu farmers group located in Mayuge Village. The group has 18 members and started working with YARD in 2016. Before joining YARD, Miriam already had a strong interest in environmental protection and when YARD trained them in Natural Resource Management, Community Visioning, Saving and Credit, Participatory M&E, Energy Saving Stove Construction and other cross-cutting issues, she picked up a training in stove construction. Miriam was later on selected as a farmer facilitator for her group and was able to also train others with the help of the skills she had acquired.

Nowadays she builds stoves for profit: she has been able to construct 20 stoves ranging from 8,000 UGX to 20,000 UGX. In addition to stove construction, she has also planted 77 agro-forestry trees to further conserve the environment and also to be a role model for others in the group and the community. Since her intervention 212 stoves have been constructed in 100 households within Ssi Sub-County.

With the profit she has made, Miriam has been able to save a minimum of 10,000 UGX per week, meet to family needs and support her siblings in their education.

Miriam still has a vision of constructing more energy saving stoves in her community to reduce resource consumption as many people are cutting down trees for charcoal and firewood both for sale and home use. She wants to encourage her community to plant more trees and also increase her weekly savings from 10,000 UGX to 20,000 UGX.