ERI celebrated its first ever Farmer Innovation Fair at YARD grounds in Buikwe District

Buikwe District, Ngogwe Sub County,  4th September 2017

HORIZONT3000’s Farmer Innovation Fair is an event that recognizes and celebrates the creativity, ingenuity and innovativeness of men and women practicing small-scale farming.  This year’s motto “Unlocking Farmer’s Creativity” brought together farmers in one place and for one day, to showcase their innovations and share their experiences under the umbrella of HORIZONT3000’s Enabling Rural Innovation (ERI) project.

HORIZONT3000 has been implementing the ERI Esast Africa project in Uganda and Tanzania since 2013. For the first time now, our Fair gave farmers the opportunity to showcase their ingenious innovations to a wider public, including the 6 ERI project partners from Uganda and Tanzania, HORIZONT3000 regional staff, representatives from partner NGOs, Local Government and academic institutions of higher learning, donors, and the media.

During the event, 25 innovations were showcased in form of demonstrations and poster presentations. Eligible for the Fair were only those ideas that are original for their area, ecologically, socially, technically and economically sound, bringing returns in the long run in terms of increased income, reduced drudgery and saved labour. Furthermore, the innovations resulted from joint experimentation with other actors, with the potential to change local agricultural and natural resource management practices and the lives of the farmers’ families and neighbours.  As “best bets” for dissemination, the presented ideas are hoped to encourage others to innovate.

More than 300 visitors strolled around the stalls and interacted with the farmers to understand their different innovations, such as local brew from bananas (Nono), Soap production from Jatropha Plant, a local hatchery for continuous production of chicks, powered goat dung for soil fertility management and production of plant porridge for rapid growth.

The event was honored by speeches of the Regional Director of HORIZONT3000 in East Africa, Mr. Christian Guggenberger, and the guest of honor, Bishop Krautwaschl from Graz, Austria.