“Efforts have been rewarded”

The Tic Ber women’s farmer group in Zombo district (West Nile) joined the ES-OEP Trias programme in 2014. 18 members were taken through the ERI process and Participatory Market Research. Irish potatoes and beans were chosen as the crops with most market potential.

After a series of trainings on Good Agricultural Practices and entrepreneurship the group maintained skills to achieve quality production and increased  productivity and to get their market standard produce to a decent market.

The group’s marketing committee found a Sudanese trader who bought 9.400kgs of Irish potatoes at UGX 3000/kg, earning the group around $850 in season 2015A. In the same season they also earned $340 by bulking and selling their beans.

The chairperson of the women’s group said: “I never expected our efforts would lead us this far”. The female farmers have gained confidence and seen their income increase. With this increase they are now able to comply with their family needs, including school fees and home improvements. As a group they decided to open up more land for further investments. “Our dreams are turning into reality”: one member proclaimed gratefully.