Trias Uganda completes trainings in ERI Trajectory

In March 2015 four ERI training workshops were concluded by Trias Uganda in conjunction with its local partners in West Nile regions, namely Arua District Farmers Association, Zombo District Farmers Association, Nyarurvur SACCO and Offaka SACCO. These were a set of ERI trainings organized in W.Nile for Trias’ new partners, in which the participants got the opportunity to strengthen their capacities in supporting their members using ERI approach. The trainings were part of the ‘ERI trajectory’ that started in April 2014. The ERI trajectory combined training and practical mentoring in the field aiming at developing staff practical skills and making further progress. Next to Ugandan Partners, the trajectory attracted four participants from Trias  Philippines, Ghana, Guinea and Tanzania who also completed all ERI modules together with their Uganda counterparts.IMG_0159

Inviting trainees from outside Uganda was part of Agricord initiatives, in collaboration with Trias, that supports having more people trained in the ERI approach. The approach was picked by Agricord, because it has been found to work well with small scale farmers, especially strengthening their social and entrepreneurial capacity, building farmer’s confidence and self-reliance.

The ERI trajectory combined one week trainings with three to four months of mentoring in the field by Trias Advisors (for the Ugandan partners only). The com­bination of trainings and field mentoring has proven to be effective. It creates an attitude change, rather than merely imparting skills and knowledge in a classroom setting. This mode of building capacities has a long lasting and sustainable impact.

– written by Julius Barigye (AED coordinator Trias Uganda) & Saartje Vandenbroucke (Communication Officer Trias Uganda)