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This website provides you with basic information and a description of the Enabling Rural Innovation (ERI) approach, its impact, training materials and trainers, and information about the network of organisations that have contributed to the development of ERI. You will also find more information about earlier and ongoing projects, interesting publications and videos linked to ERI, and upcoming events and activities.

The ERI approach has been successfully applied in programmes of Trias, ZOA and Horizont 3000 in Uganda and Tanzania. Since we are very proud of the achievements made by using this approach, we find it important to share our experiences and expertise so that other organisations and new people in our own organisations can learn. But ERI still needs perfection and therefore we find it equally important to gather new  information, opinions, comments and ideas from other experts in the field of small-scale farmer capacity building.

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  1. ainamanibrian says:

    Avery good approach which will transform livelihoods of people and promote sustainable innovation systems and institutions

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