ERI Training in Bukoba, Tanzania

In November 2013 an ERI Training at Kolping Society Tanzania in Bukoba was carried out by the HORIZONT3000 ERI East Africa project. 40 participants from eight organisations in Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya took part in order to improve their knowledge and skills on the ERI approach.

In the first week the Community Development Facilitators (CDFs) and project coordinators of the implementing organizations shared their progress and experiences in implementing ERI with farmer groups in their respective areas. Teams from different organizations learned from each other in group works and identified common gaps of knowledge. These gaps were filled in a refresher training in the second week, where experienced ERI trainers re-trained specific modules of the ERI methodology. CDFs, project coordinators and HORIZONT3000 are looking forward to the next reflection training in 2014.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Okeny Francis says:

    motivating and developmental to rural farmers

  2. This is great. East African Agriculture will develop if the approach is borrowed all through the region.

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